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November 18, 2010

Garlic may be effective to treat High BP

A recent new study suggested that Garlic may be effective to treat high Blood Pressure. Everyone know that Garlic is known as a spice item in traditional kitchen. Well, now this spice vegetable also takes credit for its medicinal quality.

According to researchers from the University of Adelaide, Australia, Garlic can replace the blood pressure lowering drugs. It can treat the hypertension effectively. The study published in the journal Maturitas said that garlic supplements should be used after consulting the doctor, as garlic can make the blood thin & can work negatively interacting with some medicines.

The research was conducted on 50 hypertension patients. They were given garlic supplements instead of medicines for lowering their blood pressure level. The study found that the garlic supplements worked tremendously lowering the blood pressure in patients. 

Even previous studies witness that Garlic can prevent heart disease & cold. The present study came with further suggestion that garlic can be taken in the diet to lower the blood pressure. However, more research is needed to make the findings strong.

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