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November 27, 2010

50% drop of HIV AIDS in India - UNAIDS

After showing decline in Polio, India has managed to bring 50% down in HIV/AIDS case. UNAIDS said that India is doing well following various strategies for the awareness.

The latest report by UNAIDS shows that about 1.2 lakh people were infected with the deadly virus HIV in 2009, which is 50% less than the cases found in 2001 in India. It proves that India will be successful in promoting HIV/AIDS campaign in the later period, if it maintains the constant effort.

It is estimated that the prevalence level of infection in India is 0.31% of the total population in 2009. Around 9, 26,197 women & 14, 69,245 male people were found infected with HIV among the total population in India. About 2.6 million people were infected with the HIV virus globally in 2009. There is a decline of 19% over 3.1 million in 2001, said UNAIDS. It is reported that the AIDS epidemic appears to be under control since the late 1990s worldwide.

Most of the HIV virus used to get spread due to unprotected sex & infected needles. India is trying to make people aware of such things that make human being victims of the deadly disease. The country witnesses two states: Andhra Pradesh & Manipur are the worst hit in the HIV/AIDS cases.

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