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October 28, 2010

Women with 'O' blood group may face trouble to conceive

A new research study reveals that a woman with blood group 'O' may face a lot of problem while conceiving. Researchers said that 'O' type of blood has a lower & poorer quality of egg than others. For the first time, scientists 've found that a woman's blood type can influence her chances of getting pregnant.

According to researchers from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York & Yale University, the levels of a chemical called follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) in the women, is an indicator of a woman's fertility. A high FSH level indicates the low quality of egg, which is known as "diminished ovarian reserve".

The researchers said that the women with type "O" blood are more likely to 've higher FSH readings, while women with blood group 'A' seem to be more fertile. The study conducted on 560 women with an average age of 35, who were undergoing fertility treatment, found that women who were blood type 'O' were likely to 've an FSH level greater than other blood groups. The findings suggests that women with type 'O' to try for a baby earlier. However, more research is needed to come at the conclusion.

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