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October 27, 2010

Testicular Cancer may emerge with height

Everyone wants to be taller, brighter or in other words smarter. Every good things has also some disadvantages.  It is good to be taller, but according to a new study tallness may bring testicular cancer risk in disguise for men. This recent study findings show that the risk can be raised around 13%.

The study published in the British Journal of Cancer found that the testicular cancer is emerging with height not body weight. According to researchers, tall men may 've greater testicular cancer risk. The disease is more common for young men with under 35 age groups.

The study conducted on 10,000 men found every extra two inches or 5cm in height above average. However, the lifetime risk of developing testicular cancer is low. The reason is unclear about the increased height, which raises testicular cancer in men. The researchers said that other factors including family history can carry more risk for the cancer.

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Rayiez said...

i am safe i guess .. small height.

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