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October 26, 2010

Scorpion Venom prevents Heart Bypass Surgery Failure

Aren't you afraid of the sting of the deadly Scorpion? Well according to a new study revealed that scorpion venom could be the key to preventing heart bypass surgery failure.

According to researchers from University of Leeds, a toxin found in the venom of a bark scorpion in Central America called Centruroides margaritatus can be a solution to prevent bypass failure. People with severe cardiovascular disease usually go through bypass surgery.

The British researchers said that the surgery is usually done to improve blood flow to heart. The new route used to bring oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle. But, the surgery can fail if the new cells restrict blood flow. Consequently, the vein graft becomes blocked. The study published online in Cardiovascular Research found that the toxin found in the scorpion venom is 100 times powerful than any other compound to prevent vein graft failure.

The venom works tremendously by suppressing the natural response to injury of blood vessels that keep the vein clean. The researchers said that it takes only a few molecules to get the effect. The poison can be taken in the form of drug that is swallowed, inhaled or injected. 

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