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October 17, 2010

Newborn babies with Jaundice develop Autism

A recent Danish (Denmark) study shows the link between jaundice & autism in infants. Newborn babies with Jaundice might be at higher risk of developing autism.

According to the study published in the US journal Pediatrics, Jaundice is usually caused by higher levels of Bilirubin, which is created in the process of breaking down old blood cells in the body.  If too much of the chemical is found in a new born baby, it can cause the skin & whites of the eyes to take on a yellowish tone.

The study found infants born in Denmark between the year 1994 & 2004 who had jaundice were 67% were more likely to develop autism. The researchers said that if the mother had previous children & the child is born between October & March, is prone to develop autism.

However, Jaundice is present to some degree in most newborns, but the risk for autism disappears if the child is the first child & born between April & September. The researchers think that the season impacts on baby due to different levels of exposure to daylight or infections.

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