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October 17, 2010

Love is a powerful painkiller than drug: Study

An US research study claims that love may be regarded as the best & powerful painkiller, easing pain of body.
The poets of romanticism 've well described the word 'love', saying it hurts. Simultaneously, it is also mentioned that love pleases & relieves.

According to researchers from Stanford University, love can block pain in a similar way to morphine. Usually, love ends up hurting may be sooner or later. But initially, it is blissful & lessens physical pain. The study conducted on 15 students, who were given mild doses of pain & photos of their beloved. The scientists found that the areas involved in dose of pain, were activated by amorous thoughts.

The study published online in the journal PLoS ONE found that feelings of love appeared to reduce physical pain by about the same amount that painkillers do in our body. It said that the photo & the mental-distraction task activated in different parts of the brain.

The researchers said that when we feel pain, the feeling of love eases that pain diverting its mind to the beloved from the physical existence. Love works tremendously relieving pain than any other painkilling drugs without side-effects.


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A stunning piece! Hope others read it carefully. Keep writing.

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