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October 23, 2010

Eat & Exercise well to fight Osteoporosis

Are you feeling weak at the knees in your mid 40s? Don’t neglect to consult your doctor! Medical experts say that the bones of your legs might 've been victim of osteoporosis, which leads to unexpected fractures in the body at anywhere.

The decrease in bone density & bone mass causes the painful disease Osteoporosis, which makes the body fragile & weak. The survey records about 20% of women &12% of men aged 50 or above suffer from osteoporosis in India.

According to the experts, more than 80% of all spinal fractures are caused by osteoporosis. Apart from the pain & immobility, osteoporosis causes spinal deformity, functiona psychosocial impairments, poor pulmonary function & risk of fresh fractures. The osteoporosis is more widespread in rural & semi-urban areas out of poor lifestyle, food habits & consumption of alcohol. Experts say that bones sustain its strength till the age of 30. But from the mid-thirties, there is a gradual bone loss develops throughout life.

However, Osteoporosis is not completely curable, only a patient can lead life under treatment. As prevention is better than cure, the disease can be best prevented by quitting smoking, avoiding intake of alcohol, exercising regularly & consuming a balanced diet with adequate calcium & vitamin D content.

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