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October 25, 2010

Drastic decline of Polio in India

India has something to cheer about. The reason  is that  the country has a sharp drop in Polio cases with just 39 in 2010 against 498 last year. India witnesses a drastic decline of the viral disease particularly in Bihar & Uttar Pradesh.

The country has started its deliberative initiative, campaign of eradication of polio since many years. The people of the country is also taking part in the Pulse Polio drop programmes at the respective booths, where they take along their kids below  the age of five for just few drops. Even not a single polio case has been reported in the last six months & country's effort to bring cheer by eradicating polio is undoubtedly praiseworthy. The deadly viral disease Polio, which paralyses the nervous system of a child, is no more a threat to the country's healthcare. 

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) latest report, the type-2 polio has been completely eliminated. However, type-1 & 3 are still challenging to many parts of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan & Nigeria. The positive approach to eliminate Polio in the country by giving few drops to the children below five worked tremendously. According to WHO, the states like Bihar & UP appeared with the lowest case of Polio in 2010. Last year, 602 cases were reported from UP, while 38 type-1 cases & 79 type-3 cases were found in Bihar.

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