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October 03, 2010

Broken heart can make heart stop forever

A new study claims that  romantic rejection & a break up in a close relationship not only bring psychological pain but can make your heart stop momentarily.
The myth seems to be proved wrong that heartbreak never brings death.

The joint study by scientists at the University of Amsterdam & Leiden University in the Netherlands has found that brain uses some of the same regions to process physical & emotional pain. Therefore, getting upset does not mean only mentally upset, it can upset your body too. The researchers while justifying the fact said, this is an effect our nervous system for which people finds difficult to eat & sleep after a break-up. The more rejected one feels, the slower the heart rate becomes.

The study published in 'Psychological Science', a journal of the Association for Psychological Science says that unexpected romantic rejection & break-up can break a heart literally & causes heart failure in reality too.


S said...

Well. I don't know about studies, but yes I agree, completely.

Unknown said...

Please I want to use the pix of the broken heart for a design bc am working on something related to broken heart. Hope am permitted. thanks

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