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September 15, 2010

Toast flashbacks to childhood

Toast is a near-universally popular snack. Scientists 've found that toast reminds us of happy childhood memories. 

More than four out of five British people list toast as their favourite breakfast food & scientists say the trend is down to the “comforting” nature of the snack. According to researchers, the smell of warm, toasted bread brings childhood memories flooding back because it is often the first solid food given to toddlers in Britain.

“We can form these associations with smells at any age. All that's required is a consistent smell, combined with an event powerful enough to pin a given emotion to that particular set of chemicals,” said Professor Tim Jacobs, of Cardiff University's school of bio-sciences, who specializes in the way in which humans perceive taste & smell, said his research showed preference for toast was much stronger in people who had it for breakfast as a child.

“Children's minds are constantly developing. Therefore it's not really surprising to find that people exposed to toast as children 've a much stronger affinity for the smell in later life. Although that's presuming, of course, that they had a positive experience in their childhoods.” The research was commissioned by the Flour Advisory Bureau to help understand why toast is such a popular breakfast choice.

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