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September 19, 2010

Health Advisory issued for CWG 2010

In order to defend dengue & swine flu during Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2010 in New Delhi, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare on Friday has issued the health advisory for participants & visitors of the game.

The health advisory has come with the recommendation for having A-H1N1 vaccination. The participants & visitors of the CWG are advised to carry full-sleeved clothes & mosquito-repellent creams, mats & coil before leaving for India. 

As country's capital continues to be gripped by dengue & swine flu, all are asked not to shake hands or hug in greeting to avoid the spread of H1N1. Also to prevent dengue, both the visitors & players 've been suggested to use commercially available mosquitoes repellent & not to leave the doors & windows open during day time.

The health advisory said that the visitors & participants can contact the help desks for assistance on arrival at the Delhi International Airport, if having fever during the travel on flight. As A-H1N1 has been proved as not very effective, other preventive measures would be helpful. Further,  if any participant or visitor will be suspected of having H1N1 or dengue, immediate advice from the medical facility will be available at the polyclinics, competition & training venues & hotels.

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