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September 18, 2010

Combination of depression & heart disease is more dangerous than loneliness

In the new study, researchers claim that loneliness can be one factor for raising depression, but the combination of depression & coronary heart disease can be more dangerous than loneliness.

According to French & British researchers from the University of Versailles & University College London, heart patients with depression are more likely to invite death rather than the feeling of loneliness that is prone to depression.

The study in the Heart journal found conducting the mental & physical health of 6,000 middle-aged people over five years that people with cardiovascular disease & leading a lonely life had a 67% higher chance of dying from any cause. The research based on previous study suggests minimizing the feeling of loneliness as long as possible that causes the depression. Particularly the heart patients should go for regular exercise, balanced diet & consult the doctor if they feel depressed.

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