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August 08, 2010

Women can get younger soft wrinkle free skin without surgery or cosmetics

Ageing skin is among the biggest worries women 've & to get that flawless wrinkle free skin they do not hesitate from trying various beauty products & procedures. 
These include surgery, various anti-ageing cosmetics & skin enhancement treatments such as botox. But scientists 've revealed a new process by which women can get that baby soft wrinkle free skin without a surgery or using cosmetics. This new process developed at the University of Alabama in Birmingham involves tightening the skin using skin fillers. The new technique does not target specific facial areas that need an upliftment like the way it is done in botox but look at the face at a whole. 

Soft tissue fillers are used to make for the loss of  fat on cheeks & smoothens the folds in the skin. Dr. Marian E. Northington from the University of Alabama said, “Dermatologists no longer view the ageing face as specific wrinkles or folds, but instead look at the face as a whole with what can be imagined as soft tissue scaffolding below the skin surface that supports the deep underlying fat.” She further commented that to restore fullness, contour & shape of the cheeks the new process uses thicker & much deeper fillers to accomplish volumetric lifting. She informed that in order to get that youthful skin & rejuvenate the facial skin without surgery, fillers such as polylactic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, polymethyl methacrylate, & hyaluronic acid are used. She was quoted saying, “In fact, volumetric enhancement using thicker, deeper fillers is fast becoming the primary cornerstone of our facial rejuvenation approach for those who seek a youthful look without major surgery.

“The fractional treatment patterns & unique energy delivery system of this technology hold potential for improved skin tightening & skin texture,” said Dr. Northington. The treatment involving the use of skin fillers includes a fractional skin treatment which is given through a RF device that generates heat which is given to the inner layer of the skin. This helps the skin to rejuvenate. The wounds are later healed by thermal energy which will also help to accumulate new collagen on the cheeks. And as the wound start to heal the skin starts looking much tightened and the tissues contract to give a younger looking skin.

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