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August 29, 2010

Walking improves intelligence

A recent research has found that walking can improve intelligence.
We all know that a walk does our waistline good. Now research has found it can make you smarter as well. And it doesn't 've to be speed-walking either - a gentle stroll several times a week will not only boost fitness but can also make you brighter. 

Research from the U.S. revealed that walking 'at one's own pace' for 40 minutes, three times a week can improve intelligence. Scientists say moderate walking enhances connections between the brain's circuits, combats a drop in brain function linked to aging & even improves performance in reasoning tasks. 

By studying brain scans, psychologists at Illinois University found cognitive function levels among nearly 100 self-confessed couch potatoes improved dramatically after a year in which they walked a few times a week, compared with participants who only did stretching exercises. 

Professor Art Kramer, who led the study, said previous studies 've found that exercise can enhance the function of specific brain structures. But this latest study shows that even moderate exercise also improves the co-ordination of important brain networks.

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