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August 27, 2010

Talk therapy helps adults with ADHD

According to the results of a new study, treating ADHD patients with medicine alone may not be as beneficial as adding talk therapy to the mix. 
When it comes to treating adults diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, talk therapy may be the way to go. ADHD is most commonly diagnosed in children but adults can also develop the condition. 

People who 've ADHD 've difficulty concentrating & are often disruptive in whatever setting they are in because of their inattention, & impulsivity. The study, performed by researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, was performed on 86 adults with ADHD who had already been treated with medicine but had not improved. 

Adults were assigned to either talk therapy or relaxation sessions & then were asked to rate their symptoms. Those who underwent the talk therapy reported less symptoms than those who underwent the relaxation sessions.

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