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August 17, 2010

Lose excess flabs without surgery

Now you can shed the extra fat from your body in a matter of days without sweating it out in the gym. No, it’s not liposuction. The new, non-invasive way to remove the extra kilos, is called ultra-contouring.

The biggest difference between liposuction and ultra-contouring is that the latter does not involve surgery. It removes unwanted fat cells, using ultrasonic waves, leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. Dr Manoj Kumar, a senior consultant of laser, aesthetic & reconstructive plastic surgery, explains, “Ultrasonic waves are used to focus on the fat cells & break them down. The blood eventually absorbs these disintegrated cells, which are then taken to the kidneys & passed out of the body.”

Elaborating further on the procedure of ultra-contouring, dermatologist & cosmetologist Dr G.R. Ratnavel, observes, “Apart from using radio frequency waves & ultrasound waves that are bipolar in nature, the tri-polar type of ultra-contouring, called thermo therapy, is getting popular. Also, the wrinkling of the skin that forms after a fat-reduction treatment doesn’t occur while using this method.”

The ultra-contouring treatment is done in sessions while the results are seen in a matter of weeks. “The body takes time to absorb the fat cells & release them. The results are usually seen in 7 to 10 days,” explains Dr Manoj. Experts believe that ultra-contouring is safer as compared to liposuction since there is no operation involved. “It is totally safe. As a precaution, this procedure must not be performed on people with heart disease or those who suffer from hyperlipidemia,” cautions Dr Manoj.
While many people are taking to ultra-contouring now, doctors do say that the fat cells are likely to re-emerge after the procedure. So it is advisable to follow a proper diet & exercise regularly for the body to maintain its new, trim shape.

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