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August 31, 2010

Incorrect dose of medicines may harm kids

An Australian research study claims that incorrect dose of liquid medicines to kids may bring a lot of problems & overdose could be dangerous for the children. 

Many parents do not know about correct dose of medicines prescribed by the doctor, says the research team.

According to the researchers at the University of Sydney, overdose of the medicines, particularly to children under five, could be dangerous. The study presented at the annual conference of the International Pharmaceutical Federation in Lisbon highlighted that parents should go for medicines under doctors' prescription. It is most important to follow doctors' instruction to give their kids the correct dose of the medicine. Or they can take help from their local pharmacist for giving the medicine.

The researchers said that the medicine should be administered carefully. They suggest to use the spoon or measuring device supplied and ensure that the child does not receive more or less than the recommended dose. However, household spoons are not recommended for the medicine.

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