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August 22, 2010

Hot bath leads to a good sleep at night

Are you craving for a good sleep at night? Your sleeping pills do not bring a good sleep? Forget about the pills & all the methods to sleep well. Researchers say that a hot bath & a long walk is the best for the sleep at night.

According to Sleep scientists, usually, hygiene bed clothes, open windows & no bodily contact, avoiding various things like alcohol, coffee, exciting films do little to promote natural sleepiness. But, a little physical work-out & plenty of exercise as well as a hot bath promote a good sleep.

The researchers say that a hot body also signifies a warmer brain. Thus, a hot bath can bring a natural sleepiness. The scientists suggest the easy way to warm up body & brain is just to take a hot bath in the evening after the work done at day time. The bath can lead to more sleepiness at bed-time & a quicker sleep onset.

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