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August 30, 2010

Eating berries protects against brain ageing & memory loss

According to the research, eating berries protects the brain against ageing & memory loss.

The US Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service in Boston recently conducted a research that point out berries to be helpful in preventing the brain from age related diseases.

Berries such as strawberries, blackberries & blueberries, all of them 've very high concentrations of the polyphenol compounds which help the brain carry out 'housekeeping' functions. These polyphenols are found in rich quantities in fruits that are deeply coloured due to pigments such as deep orange, red or blue. It is also being said that these polyphenols can even reverse memory loss & weaker brain power, as per a study of lab rats that were fed a diet rich in berries. 

Studies 've always pointed out the benefits of polyphenols that may be abundantly found in fruits, vegetables & nuts. Polyphenols are actually compounds that 've an antioxidant & anti-inflammatory effect that could protect one against age related mental diseases & memory loss. How polyphenols work has been explained through the research. Some kinds of cells such as microglia fail to do their work, which causes a build up of debris within the brain. What polyphenols do is help microglia, to cleanse toxic protein build up that are responsible for age related memory loss & other brain diseases.

This research provides for new avenues of research for researchers to study & to eventually help brain disorders due to aging such as the Parkinson’s disease & the Alzheimer’s disease.

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