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August 31, 2010

DNA test may predict your child's talent

What if you knew your child has genes to be the next Einstein & you could very well bring out the best in him? 

It is not just towards astrology that parents are turning to get a glimpse of their child’s future but the latest trend is a gene test or DNA test. DNA tests are more popular in Europe & in the United States.

More & more parents are opting for this technology that helps them determine what their child ability & what they are best in. The DNA test results can help parents make better decisions & concentrate on areas that the child would excel, well after all it’s all in their child’s genes.

A DNA test that can reveal your child’s talent comes at a cost of Rs. 2,000 & the test can be performed right after a child is born & up to 10 years. If parents get the DNA talent test done on their child at an early age they get more time to groom their talent. For the gene test, saliva sample are collected that houses approx 10,000 cells of which scientists can then segregate up to 40 different genes. By analyzing the genetic code, scientists can identify the child’s IQ, focus, health, diseases, emotion, athletic & artistic abilities. Such tests are available in India but are specific to sporting abilities, called the sports genetics test. These tests can determine if your child has athletic abilities & particular sports that the child will excel in.

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