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July 12, 2010

Words predicts romance status!

According to the findings of the latest study, a simple word association test can determine if the relation is meant to last. The test, unlike previous tests that ask couples direct questions about their partners, picks up how partners really feel about each other.

Now there's good news! Finding a mechanism to accurately predict whether a relationship is destined to last is now on the anvil. “The difficulty with [direct question tests] is that it assumes that they know how happy they are, & that’s not always the case,” study’s co-author, Ronald D. Rogge, researcher at the University of Rochester marked.


  • To gauge the couple’s automatic reactions to the words, Rogge & his team picked up 111 couples.
  • The volunteers were shown a series of words flashing on a monitor.
  • Out of the three categories of words--‘good words’ like peace, vacation, or sharing; ‘bad words’ such as death, tragedy, & criticism; & ‘partner-related words’ like pet names or character traits--the volunteers were required to pick up the ones they thought were best related to their partner.
  • The findings of the test were clear.
  • The partners who were more likely to associate their partner with ‘bad words’ than ‘good words’ stood a higher risk of splitting over the next year.
  • Conversely, partners who primarily picked up goods words were the ones who had a strong, romantic relationship, researchers found.
"It really is giving us a unique glimpse into how people were feeling about their partners – giving us information that they were unable or unwilling to report," Rogge wrote in the research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.


With more & more relations falling apart due to inconsequential & trivial reasons, the test may actually come as a huge relief. As people try to hide their true feelings, the test may aid counsellors to find the actual status of a relationship, researchers feel.

"In deteriorating relationships, the negative associations people begin to form about their partner may be too subtle or threatening for them to recognize in themselves or too socially undesirable for them to report to others," Rogge believes.

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