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July 09, 2010

Study says women are more sexually charged at 40!

According to the latest research it claimed that females enjoy sex in their thirties & early forties than in their younger years as they fear their 'biological clock' is ticking.

A research showed that regardless of the truth their bodies may be in decline, females are more likely to 've sexual fantasies & affairs as they reach 40.

Researchers stated that as females approach the milestone, they may sense that their "window of opportunity" to 've kids is concluding & their fertility is turning down. They said that their instinctual reaction is an augmented appetite for sex, a clarification that could explain the rise of the "cougar" - a woman who seeks out flings with younger partners.

The survey of around 900 females divided responders into three groups: those at their most fertile age (19 to 26 years), those whose fertility was declining (27 to 45 years) & those who were approaching or had reached menopause. Those in the middle group were notably more sexually driven, engaging in sex & having sexual fantasies more often as compared to their older & younger counterparts & being more likely to 've flings.

Researcher, David Buss said, "Results indicate women with declining fertility 've greater sexual motivations & increased sexual behaviors than do women with relatively high fertility!" 


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LOL :) mid age crisis !

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