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July 04, 2010

NGO: High lead content in artificial jewellery

The attractive jewellery picked up from the roadside shops or the innocuous charm bracelet sold may be very hazardous.
artificial jewelleryAn NGO has tested some jewellery & found that the lead content is very high. The NGO made it clear that there was no risk if the jewellery was simply worn, but there could be severe consequence if lead was ingested in-case the jewellery was entered into the mouth.
The analysis used an example of 54 portion of imitation jewellery gathered from different markets. These were analyzed in a laboratory & found to 've 'lead' about 12.68ppm & 856,346.9ppm.
India only has guideline on content of lead in paints & until now no regulation exists to control lead content in jewellery.Countries like as USA, Canada & the European Union allow lead substance of 300ppm, 600ppm & 100ppm correspondingly in products for children. Imitation jewellery, especially for children, is regularly layered with paint which contains soaring levels of lead. Even unpainted jewellery is identified to contain lead to construct the metal more bendy. That is not a trouble, but people & kids habitually 've a trend to put those tiny pieces in their mouth. This may create health problem.

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