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July 10, 2010

Menopause hits men too!

A new study has found that menopause is not limited to women, it hits men too. The study has found that some men experience a decrease in hormones when they hit middle age. And reduced levels of testosterone can lead to everything from lowered libido to fatigue, just like menopause does. The study has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

However, male menopause is an uncommon condition that affects only a small minority: 3% of men actually experience physical symptoms from less testosterone, according to the study, & lower testosterone levels are a natural part of aging.

According to Mayo Clinic, older men generally 've lower hormone levels than younger ones, with testosterone levels decreasing about 1% a year after age 30. By the age of 70, the levels may be as much as 50% lower. Other medical conditions, like obstructive sleep apnea, also can cause testosterone levels to decline. Medical experts say men should get a physical to see if they need testosterone-replacement therapy.

Medical experts say that men should get a physical to see if they need testosterone-replacement therapy. Men may feel depressed for other reasons as well. They frequently decline physically more dramatically or rapidly than women & may experience a sense of growing mortality.

Men tend to die several years earlier than women. While male menopause is uncommon, guys also are prone to a kind of psychological menopause at middle age when, they come to realize they're actually more liking bumbling Clark Kent than Superman. And that realization's sobering enough to put anyone in a bad mood. 


Unknown said...

Interesting! I wasn't aware that Men had a similar situation regarding Menopause. Very informative one.

Unknown said...

Pretty good post, though you might have expanded on the topic a teeny bit more. I like your style. The warnings to go easy on hormone replacement and things like that are VERY good.

Unknown said...

Menopause brings on a mid-life crisis in both men and women since no one really knows how to treat it couples simply suffer through until it's run it's cycle. Men have "mid-life crisis" women have Menopause, that's what the experts say.

Unknown said...

As funny it sounds as educative! I didn't know that this thing exists? Will i 've this??? Oh man, no way :) WOW!

subhorup dasgupta said...

Ah! So that is what it is, and here I was thinking it is love and the years together that are making me more and more like my partner!! :)

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