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July 06, 2010

Excessive SMS & texting can make teenagers sick

A new study indicates that too much texting through cell phones can make teenagers sick. Another study about the communication habits prevalent among teenagers indicate that symptoms of nervousness, lack of confidence, dejection & low self esteem are observed most commonly in teenagers addicted to texting.
Excessive SMS & texting can make teenagers sickIn the past two years there has been an 89% increase in text messaging. As per the figures released by Boost Mobile, one teenage customer manages to send 4,000 text SMS in nine days.

According to a RMIT University technology researcher by name Jennie Caroll, who studies the impact of modern communication, mobile has become meshed with the lives of teenagers. She also added that texting is the major activity done by teenagers using mobile phones.

Caroll has categorized the effects of modern communication into various types of disorders. They are Textiety, Binge Texting, Textaphrenia, & Post-Traumatic Text Disorder.
  • Texiety is a kind of anxiety in teenagers when are unable to send or receive any texts.
  • Binge Texting is a condition where teens forward numerous texts to feel elated about their own selves, & try to lure responses.
  • Textaphrenia is a condition where a teen assumes falsely that he has heard a message landing in his mobile, or feels a vibration in the device whereas there has not been any such message at all in reality.
  • Post-traumatic text disorder includes mental & physical damage owing to texting.
Caroll also adds that in Texiety & Textaphrenia there is a notion that “There is no one to love me, no one to contact me”.

Dr Carroll also gave another piece of information, which says that there had been reports from Japan of ‘repetitive thumb syndrome’. In repetitive thumb syndrome, young people’s thumbs grow in reaction to too much messaging, & leads to ‘monster thumbs’.

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