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July 18, 2010

Excessive drinking of black tea causes serious bone problems!

According to a new study stated that drinking too much of black tea is not at all safe & can cause serious bone problems.
Medical College of Georgia has conducted a new research on tea which shows that heavy tea drinkers can come across with bone problems. They discovered that fluoride concentration in black tea is much more than expected.

Dr. Gary Whitford, Regents Professor of oral biology in the School of Dentistry said that normally intake of two to four cups of black tea in a day will not cause any harm but intake of large amount of tea in a day can cause serious health problems.

Black tea, the most popular tea in the West and in India, is made from leaves that are fully oxidised. It has a stronger flavour and higher caffeine content than the other types of teas, which undergo less oxidation. Unlike other teas, black tea has longer shelf life & retains its flavour for many years.

Most published reports say that there is 1 to 5 milligrams of fluoride in a litre of black tea, but the new study shows that the number could be as high as 9 milligrams. Fluoride is known to help prevent dental cavities, but long-term ingestion of excessive amounts could cause osteoporosis & other bone related disorders.

Whitford said that when patient's tea brands were analyzed using traditional methods, fluoride concentration were found to be low but researchers question their method of detecting fluoride content in tea & later on they discover that the tea plant, Camellia sinensis create dilemma while measuring fluoride concentrations. This plant is only one of its kinds with an exceptional attribute of accumulating heavy concentrations of fluoride and aluminum in its leaves. It was found that when leaves are fermented for tea, some of the minerals leaks in to the drink. He also found that tea leaves also contain higher levels of aluminum, which is considered neuron-toxic. Reportedly, consuming higher amounts of black tea could result in fluoride poisoning too.

Health hazards related to black tea
    One of the world’s most popular non alcoholic drinks has several disadvantages too:
  • Tea leaves may cause cancer [abnormal cells that divide without control, which can invade nearby tissues or spread through the bloodstream & lymphatic system to other parts of the body.]
  • The caffeine in tea has been linked to sleeping disorders.
  • The oxalates found in tea could affect the kidneys, especially if the tea is consumed in excess.
Also, a study suggests that having tea with milk reduces its ability to prevent cardiovascular diseases. The findings were presented at the 2010 International Association of Dental Research Conference in Barcelona, Spain.

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