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July 20, 2010

Eating less & low-calorie diets fetches longer life

LONDON: A new study reveals that eating less & low calorie diets can fetch longer life, particularly found in case of animals. Generally, for long life, everyone is suggested to 've more & proper diet.
Scientists at Centre for Integrated Systems Biology of Aging & at Newcastle University conducted the study on animals by feeding an extremely low-caloric diet & found to have a greater number of healthy dividing cells. They also noticed that a protective sheath covering the end of important genetic information in cells was intact in these animals & told that any damage to this sheath & a rise in the number of non-dividing cells are both key signs of aging.

The team of researchers studied the impact of the restricted diet on cell senescence (the process of growing old) & they later found that animals fed on restricted diet had a reduced build-up of senescent cells in their liver & intestines. Thus they claimed that cell senescence to be the major cause of aging. 
“A very low-calorie diet can help to extend life-span and there’s lot of evidence that this is true. However, we need a better understanding of what’s actually happening in an organism on restricted diet”, said Co-scientist Chunfang Wang.
The researchers though believe that the same thing may happen to humans & the findings are the hope for the study to experiment on human cases. However, the scientists at Newcastle University have suggested not to follow the intake of low-calorie diets to live longer. More experiments are required to know the benefits that humans can gain by eating less. 

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