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June 18, 2010

Yoga for Cervical Spondylitis!

The following exercises remove stiffness of the neck muscles & shoulders, counter spasms, correct neck posture & provide relief from pain!

Yoga to strengthen the neck muscles:
  • Look up & bend your head back. Then come back to your normal head position, i.e., look to the front. Move only your neck, & breathe as you normally breathe. Repeat this exercise 3 to 5 times.
  • Now turn your face as far right as possible slowly. Then turn your face to the left. Repeat thrice.
  • Next, bend your neck to the right, in such a manner that your ear touches your shoulder. Repeat the exercise for the left side. Do this thrice.
  • Bring your neck back side & make a half circle rotate your neck clockwise & anticlockwise. 
Benefits: Such exercises remove stiffness of the neck muscles & counters spasms, corrects the neck posture. 

Loosen out:
  • Interlock your fingers. Place your hands behind your neck & let your palms encircle neck. Exert force with the neck & hands in opposite directions.
  • Interlock your fingers. Cover your forehead with your palms. Exert force with your hands & neck in opposite directions. The palms should force the neck back while the neck forces the palms forward.
  • Put your right hand on your right ear, with the palm covering the ear. Exert force with hand & neck in opposite directions. The palm should force the head towards the left while the neck should force the hand towards the right. Repeat the exercise for the left side.
  • Take your hands behind your head. Place your right hand on your left shoulder & your left hand on your right shoulder. Elbows should point upwards. Keep your head straight & take deep breaths. 
Benefits: These exercises remove all traces of stiffness in the shoulders & neck muscles. 

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Very informative post, I am sure many will be benefited by following these steps

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