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June 12, 2010

Too much hunger - bad for health

Too much hunger is innate if someone recently going through lack of food. But, recurrent or continual hunger situation is a matter of worry. Fatness is not the reason of too much hunger. It is one of the consequences coming up out of this situation.
Major reason of increased hunger is due to amplified exercises. Hormonal mess Hyperthyroidism (soaring intensity of thyroid hormone) & Hyperadrenalism (soaring intensity of adrenalin hormone) may originate excess hunger.

Hysterical diabetes (augmented level of sugar in blood may cause excessive hunger). Bulimia Nervosa, disorder (typically relevant in young females) originates short, extreme periods of hunger.

Use of definite medics like antihistamines, steroids, & marijuana or ingestion of huge amount of alcohol can lead to excess hunger. Hypothalamus (damage to a certain portion of brain) can also be a cause but this is a hardly ever occurrence.

The Health Care donor shall determine & examine the family and medical record of the patient & perform lab tests in lessening the probable assumed causes. The trial may be of blood glucose intensity, blood thyroid role, toxicology display (usage of illegal drug), cranial CT X-Ray for assumed injured brain.

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