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June 05, 2010

Exposure to Dental X-Rays & Thyroid Cancer

BRITAIN: A recent study claims to 've found a link between exposure to dental X-rays & thyroid cancer.
dental X-RaysScientists working in Britain, who studied just over 300 cancer patients, say that it seems that one's chances of developing the cancer rose with increasing numbers of dental X-rays.

Radiation is known to affect the thyroid gland in the neck, but the researchers said that the danger posed by dental X-rays were often ignored, & in the light of the findings, the effects of dental radiography needed more attention.

According to the scientists, they said that their findings highlighted concerns that dental X-rays should be avoided for routine medical check-ups, & only used for specific clinical needs.However, the research needed to be treated with caution, as the data was based on self-reporting by the participants & comprehensive historical dental X-ray records were not available from the clinics.

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