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June 16, 2010

Electronic media plays a vital role in back pain & headache!

Television & Computer has now become a necessity in every household now-a-days, but are we aware of the ill effects that can occur due to excessive viewing of these electronic media?

A recent research conducted by Torbjørn Torsheim from the University of Bergen, Norway along with his other fellow members to study the relationship between the use of media by the adolescent population & the different physical complaints like headache & backache.

Researchers gathered data & noted a relationship between the specific types of screen based activities & particular physical complaints which had fewer effects than those in girls who suffered form headache due to tremendous use of computer & television & not gaming.

Besides, they also found out that headache, back pain, neck & shoulder pain are all due to the increased screen based activities like computer games, television & other computer based entertainment, which are a major distraction in the lives of the adolescents.

The physical complaints are not due to the type of screen based activity they are associated with, but due to the inappropriate & prolonged usage of these electronic gadgets. Although being a savior & helping adolescents avoid the instances of boredom, television & computer should not be recognized as the only form of entertainment, because the amount of time spent by the adolescents, are only responsible for the rising & persistent physical complaints. 


Saru Singhal said...

We shouldn't spend too much time in front of TV. I think we should fix few hours to watch programs as per our taste.

Thanks for sharing...

KSRealityBites said...

Not only TV but also our PC too! Very well said @Saru Singhal Thanks for the read.

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