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June 01, 2010

Doctors to get ECG on Blackberry phones

MUMBAI: Maestros Mediline Systems Limited, the maker of diagnostics & patient monitoring devices, has, in pact with Research In Motion (RIM), developed mobile a ECG application – eUNO – R10 for the BlackBerry smart phones.
BlackberryCardiologists at city’s Nanavati Hospital will be the first to get hands-on experience to access patient’s ECG reports on Blackberry smart phones. Nanavati Hospital’s Telemedicine Dept.head Dr. Pavan Kumar along with Maestros Mediline had conceptualized this mobile application.

Acc. to Maestros Mediline managing director Dr. Krishnakumar Menon, people in India don’t get timely access to healthcare facilities, while people suffering from cardiovascular pains or heart attacks require immediate access to doctors.
“While developing eUNO R10, we kept four key factors in mind such as product size, data transmission & its reliability of product, ease of operations & cost effectiveness,” said Dr. Menon.
Using the specialized mobile heart monitoring device, a paramedic can visit the patient to record the cardiogram, which is then sent to BlackBerry’s server over the Internet. Thereafter, the server automatically pushes the ECG report over Vodafone’s network, which the doctor can get access on the Blackberry phone using the installed eUNO R10 application.It helps in providing doctors with key details of patient’s heart conditions in form of ECG reports & accordingly they can take quick decision on treatment.
Acc. to research in Motion’s India managing director Frenny Bawa, eUNO R10 will now help doctors & cardiologists, & empower them when they don’t 've computer access. There are some 100 solutions for Blackberry that can help people in the health care sector.

Vodafone Essar’s chief marketing officer Kumar Ramanathan observed that though 70% of rural Indian population has no access to healthcare, education & infrastructure, the telecommunication revolution has been successful in reaching out to 80% of the population.

“Telecommunication will help us in delivering healthcare facilities, where it can become a big medium to bridge the gap between the rich and poor,” Ramanathan commented.

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