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June 11, 2010

Depression is not a sign of personal weakness

Depression is a disorder which is not a sign of personal weakness or a condition that can be avoided easily.

People with a depressive disease cannot even concentrate on many activities, associated with their daily lives. Moreover an individual feels more burdened if he/she is suffering from pain along with depression. Thus, the British researchers stated that pain has a greater effect when a person is under depression.

Dr. Chantal Berna of the University of Oxford in England & her colleagues discovered that depression lead to a negative impact on the neurocircuits of the brain which controls the emotions, & this further gives rise to pain. Therefore, the technique of brain imaging had been undertaken by the researchers to assess how our emotions get affected when people perceive pain. 

On the other hand when healthy people were exposed to an environment where they came across depressing thoughts & sad music, then they felt distressed & thus displayed a strong disapproval of pain. Berna suggested that pain can only be treated if depression is treated in a proper way with the total consent of the person, because depression will give rise to pain which will further make it worse. 

With the help of this research they also concluded that depressed mood lead to maladaptive changes in the functions of the brain especially when associated with pain, & that depressed mood itself could be a target for treatment by medicines or psychotherapy in this context.

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