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May 15, 2010

For Bone Longetivity, Calcium is Vital

A new study conducted by the North Carolina State University has found that calcium is vital not only for strong bones, but its intake early in life also determines the longetivity of bone health.
calciumDuring its research, the university conducted an 18-day trial on 24 newborn pigs; distributed into two groups of 12 each. While the one group was fed on a calcium-deficient diet, the other was given diet that was rich in calcium. Notably, piglets are found to 've similar nutritional needs as humans.
When compared, the bone densities in the first group were found lower than the other. Also, in the calcium-deficient category, certain stem cells in bone marrow had been programmed to become fat cells instead of the bone-forming ones.

Scientists claim that early calcium deficiency may lead to lifelong consequences, & even set the stage for obesity & osteoporosis. But the details of the long-term consequences would be explored in an upcoming study.

Chad Stahl, Associate Professor of animal science at NCSU & study leader, said in a statement that "While the importance of calcium nutrition throughout childhood & adolescence is well-recognized, our work suggests that calcium nutrition of the neonate may be of greater importance to lifelong bone health, due to its programming effects on stem cells."

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