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April 09, 2010

Sunscreeen lotions may be toxic

A recent research has revealed that nano particles of harmful substance zinc oxide which is present in the sunscreen lotions could prove toxic if it is accidentally consumed.
Sunscreeen lotions may be toxicAccording to www.sciencedaily.com, the team of scientists confirmed that nano sized particles of substance called zinc oxide which is prevalent in various sun-blocks can harm the colon cells in the body.
The research was conducted against the backdrop of rising concern over the nanoparticles which possess different properties from that of larger particles of the same substance. These nanoparticles are widely found in food stuffs & cosmetics.

As per www.phyorg.com, the team of researchers studied the samples of nanoparticles of zinc oxide and conventional powder of zinc oxide, & brought the two samples in contact with colon cells. The findings also revealed that these nanoparticles which were smaller than 100 nanometers were two times more toxic to colon cells as compared to larger particles of conventional zinc oxide powder. “Unintended exposure to nano-sized zinc oxide from children accidentally eating sunscreen products is a typical public concern, motivating the study of the effects of nanomaterials in the colon,” the team of scientists remarked.
The study has been published in the ACS’ journal called Chemical Research in Toxicology.

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