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April 18, 2010

Parkinson's disease could be detected by voice test

A recent study has shown that a voice test could diagnose patients with Parkinson's disease in the early stages.
Parkinson's disease could be detected by voice testParkinson's is normally only diagnosed once symptoms show - meaning it is already at an advanced stage & patients 've lost a significant number of brain cells.
A computer programme developed by scientists at Haifa University in Israel can identify a Parkinson's 'voice' & could be used for screening those who are at hereditary risk of the disease or as part of a national screening programme. Experts say the technique will prove crucial for sufferers of the neurological disorder because drugs & treatments are much more effective if the disease is caught as soon as possible.
The new test needs only a couple of sentences-from patients.Doctors believe they could use earlier diagnoses from the technique to prevent the loss of up to 60% of nerve cells in the area of the brain that controls movement.

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