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March 18, 2010

Vaginal Ring - A New OptionTo Control Pregnancy For Indian Women

For women who often disremember to take their birth control pills amid hectic timetables, physicians said that vaginal ring should come in helpful. Promising insignificant chances of getting pregnant, it hit the Indian markets about three months ago.
vaginal ringPhysicians said that the product gives women the equal benefit as contraceptive method without the effect of the tabs on the liver. It is a medicined ring, which discharges certain endocrines.

Ratnabali Chakraborty, gynaecologist & obstetrician at the Institute of Laparoscopic Surgery, Bellevue Clinic, said, "Worldwide acceptance of the vaginal ring is high, but it's very new in India, only three months old."

She also said that the soft and transparent ring, inserted inside the vagina, can stay within for three weeks, after which it has to be extracted. It makes use of the similar combination of endocrines as the tablet but differently. She claimed that there was 0% chance of gestation with the vaginal ring.

In India, where a growing number of women want to plan out their weddings & kids, the use of contraception pills increased. The popular ways of contraception utilized by women in developing nations include are female sterilisation, oral contraceptives, injectibles & intra-uterine devices.

Kushaghra Ghosh, consultant physician in Kolkata's Woodlands nursing home, said, "The liver bears the brunt of the first pass effect of any hormone, but this new procedure will spare the liver... it has the combination of the same hormones but is used in a different way." The vaginal ring is not sold over the counter thus far. Ghosh added that women do not need to go to the physician to insert it. It can be inserted by a woman herself & has the least chance of coming out as it is gummy in nature.

One ring costs around Rs.800/month, while for oral contraceptive pills one requires to shell out only Rs.200 on a monthly basis.

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