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March 11, 2010

Lung Cancer risk raised by genetic variant

A new study has brought to light that people who have a genetic variant have a lot of risk of being affected by lung cancer.

lung cancerThe disturbing fact is that those people might even develop lung cancer quite easily when exposed to second - hand smoke, however rarely they 're in the vicinity of it. They also 've more risk than others who 're more exposed to the smoke.
People with the particular genetic variant should take special care & the risks 're the same for all kinds of smokers & there is also a lot of risk for passive smokers, especially when they 've a relative who had been diagnosed with the fatal disease & it has been reported that such people should be monitored carefully for detecting the disease as early as possible.

It has also been reported that people who 've this variant can easily induce lung cancer with even the minimum amount of smoke as it can also make things difficult for non smokers who 're exposed to the smoke and the risk is also more if there is also a family history with the disease.

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