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March 11, 2010

Kidney problem - common in sick newborns

Kidney problem - common in sick newbornsA new study conducted by Batra Hospital for a time period of 15 years reveal that kidney dysfunction can be noticed in 70% of sick newborn babies on the other hand only 5% of them undergo treatment. The study was done by the Hospital on 300 sick newborn babies.

Sanjeev Bagai, a nephrologist & Chief Executive Officer of Batra Hospital said, "Kidneys are the cornerstone of the body & help it to maintain its metabolic balance, body fluids, salts & blood pressure."

World Kidney Day is being observed on March 11. The study led by Dr. Sanjeev Bagai, confirmed that among children & adults', urinary tract infection is a universal cause of chronic kidney damage. He further added that kidney damage can occur due to different reasons other than issues with the urinary system.

The study advices to conduct a compulsory urinary infection tests, to be conducted in schools to prevent the damage from renal disease.

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