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March 09, 2010

Eat Heavy Breakfast, Fatty Diet results a Baby Boy

According to the research conducted by Missouri researchers, what women consume during the early stages of pregnancy determines the sex as well as physical condition of their unborn baby.

Healthy,Fatty dietWomen who eat a heavy breakfast and a high fat diet during conception are more likely to give birth to a baby boy.

The researchers have discovered that a low fat diet with periods of long fasts favors girls.

Dr. Cheryl Rosenfeld, of the University of Missouri, and colleagues stated, "High calorie diets generally favour birth of males over females, whereas low calorie diets tend to favour females over males.

"In humans and mice, food restriction and a suboptimal diet during the period around conception and early pregnancy also lead to a surfeit of daughters, most probably due to selective loss of male foetuses, the most vulnerable sex in the womb," Dr. Rosenfeld added.

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