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March 16, 2010

Cancer Surgery Causes Sexual Problems

According to a news research, patients who go through cancer surgical operation are more likely to complain of sexual problems.
Cancer surgery causes sexual problemsChristian Schmidt & fellow workers said that sexual dysfunction is common after surgical procedures for colorectal cancer. Every year over 70,000 people develop colorectal cancer in Germany.

The research was aimed at studying the effects of tumor operation on quality of life and sexual function. Facts from 368 cancer sufferers were available to the researchers.

Researchers asked the following two questions to the patients: "Has the operation resulted in an impairment of your sexuality?" & "How much does this disturb you?" It was discovered that men complained increasingly of sexual problem in due course & the effects were easily noticeable than in female patients. Younger female patients had more difficulty in experiencing their sexual orientation than did older female patients.

The probability of loss of function increased with the size of the wound. Radiation & chemotherapy did not 've any unfavourable effect on the sex lives of the patients in this study.

Regardless of the clear outcomes, the authors highlight that sexual function was not recorded preoperatively, to avoid unsettling the patients. The results 've been released in the current issue of Deutsches Arzteblatt International.

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