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March 23, 2010

Brand New Nano burst into flames

MUMBAI: A brand new Nano burst into flames on Sunday.
Brand new Nano burst into flamesSatish Sawant, an insurance agent, had purchased a brand new Nano from a dealer in Mumbai. While on his way to home, his dream car Nano caught fire. He doesn't know driving, so he had requested the Concorde Motors to escort one driver to drive him home safe & sound.

Sawant told, it's Sunday afternoon, when I was riding on my Nano, suddenly a biker give me some indication, the moment I responded to his signal, my car was in flames, myself and driver manage to escape. Instantly, car was swallowed up by the fire. The fire was so huge that even the surroundings of the car were badly burnt. This car has cost me more than its market value of Rs. 2.4 lakh.

Sawant said that he was completely shaken by this accident & he thanks God for saving his life. His family was waiting for their dream car when he communicated this news to them.

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