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March 20, 2010

Asthma kids should have regular mealtimes

U. S. researchers 've found that children with asthma do better if their families 've regular family mealtimes.
Asthma in KidsFamily members play an important role in helping children emotionally manage their asthma symptoms, Barbara H. Fiese, director of the University of Illinois Family Resiliency Center, said. She further added that a supportive, organized environment during mealtime puts a child at ease whereas a chaotic, unresponsive atmosphere fosters worry & anxiety.

Fiese said in a statement, "It makes sense that children who 've difficulty breathing might be anxious & prefer to keep their parents, who can help them in an emergency, close by. Supportive interaction during family mealtimes helps increase a child's sense of security & eases separation anxiety symptoms. And, when children are less anxious, their lung function improves."

During the six-week study, 63 children ages 9-12 with persistent asthma completed questionnaires & were interviewed about their physical & mental health, including an assessment for separation anxiety.

Fiese also said, "Children need regularity & predictability. When families are overwhelmed or lack the skills to keep routines in place, there are often physical & psychological costs to their children. Left untreated, separation anxiety can lead to adult panic disorder."

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