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February 20, 2010

One in four fed up women wish they were men

LONDON: Fed up with the pain of pregnancy and pre-menstrual tension, one in four women wishes she was a man, a new UK study has found.

women wishes they were men15% said that while battling mood swings they wanted to be male. A further 9% said they think men 've it easier physically & more than half, 55%, admitted they were not at their happiest stage of life, reports The Daily Express.

The poll of 2,048 women by Seven Seas Femibion health supplement revealed that 87% confessed they never felt at ease with the physical changes to their body during puberty.

Daily Express medical expert Dr. Rosemary Leonard said: "Hormone levels 're central to women's wellbeing. It's vital to have a balanced diet and nutritional support when your body needs it."
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