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February 09, 2010

New melatonin-based drinks may not be too safe to guzzle regularly

NEW YORK: New melatonin-based drinks like iChill, RelaxZen and Dream Water might be helping restless people sleep faster, but according to experts, they might not be too safe to drink regularly.
Melatonin-based drinksThe nonalcoholic drinks are marketed to teens trying to wind down or adults who have trouble falling asleep.

Dream water
"I was knocked out cold.
It's a very powerful thing.
It's fascinating
" said the New York Daily News quoted NYU senior Mona Asinovski, 20, who drank a 2.5-ounce Dream Water.

"Melatonin is a hormone. Hormones should not be put in beverages, since the amount people drink often depends on thirst and taste rather than being taken only when needed like any other drug, " said Dr. Charles Czeisler, a sleep expert with Harvard medical school.

Dr. David Seres, a top nutrition expert with Columbia University Medical Centre, has also urged kids and adults to steer clear of the hormone-infused drinks.

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