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February 25, 2010

High-fat diets raise stroke risk in women

WASHINGTON: A large new study finds that eating a lot of fat, especially the kind that's in cookies & pastries, can significantly raise the risk of stroke for women over 50.

high-fat diets
The new study is the largest to look at stroke risk in women and across all types of fat. It showed a clear trend: Those who ate the most fat had a 44% higher risk of the most common type of stroke compared to those who ate the least.
"It's a tremendous increase that is potentially avoidable," said Dr Emil Matarese, stroke chief at St Mary Medical Center in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. "What's bad for the heart is bad for the brain."

He reviewed but did not help conduct the research, which was presented yesterday at an American Stroke Association conference.It involved 87,230 participants in the Women's Health Initiative, a federally funded study best known for revealing health risks from taking hormone pills for menopause symptoms. Before menopause, women traditionally 've had less risk of stroke than similarly aged men, although this is changing as women increasingly battle obesity & other health problems.

After menopause, the risk rises & the gender advantage disappears, said Dr Ka He, a nutrition specialist & senior author of the study from the University of North Carolina.He & another researcher, Sirin Yaemsiri, wanted to see whether dietary fat affected the odds.

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