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February 25, 2010

Bitter melon can help protect from breast cancer

A new study finds that the extract of bitter melon, a common vegetable in India, China & South America, can help protect women from breast cancer.

Bitter melonBitter melon, rich in Vitamin C & flavonoids, had long been known for its anti-diabetes & blood-sugar lowering properties.
According to the study published in Cancer Research, the extract of the melon, also known as 'karela' in Hindi, can slow the growth or even kill breast cancer cells, leaving healthy cells intact.

"I don't believe that it will cure cancer," said lead researcher Ratna Ray, adding that bitter melon can delay or perhaps prevent the condition.

Scientists believe more studies are needed to confirm the efficacy & the safety of the melon.

"Cancer prevention by the use of naturally occurring dietary substances is considered a practical approach to reduce the ever-increasing incidence of cancer. Studying a high risk breast cancer population where bitter melon is taken as a dietary product will be an important area of future research," Ray added.

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