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January 23, 2010

Too much sex, behind wrist pain?

Excessive computer use and working with heavy machinery have long been blamed for causing wrist pain, but according to a top medic, the reason behind the agony is: too much sex.

Writing in the journal Medical Hypotheses, researcher Dr John Zenian states that repetitive movements during lovemaking puts extra weight on the wrists. This causes carpal tunnel syndrome, reports The Sun.

The syndrome traps nerves, causing pain and numbness.

Researcher Dr John Zenian, writing in the journal Medical Hypotheses, says: "Sexual intercourse can explain the increase in the overall incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome seen in recent years, since it is the most widely practised activity that uses both hands at the same time."

Carpal tunnel syndrome is when the nerve which runs from the arm into the hand becomes pressed or squeezed at the wrist, resulting in pain, weakness or numbness.

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