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January 23, 2010

Doctors from Pune to do 'Surya-Namaskar' for scientific data

Pune,Jan 23: About 500 doctors in the city have decided to do 'Surya-Namaskar', the ancient exercise cum 'Sadhana' in worship of the Sun god, to generate scientific data about the health benefits from it.

As many as 500 doctors would do 12 'Namaskaras' every day at a school ground here under the aegis of Indian Medical Association (IMA) to generate scientific data relating to the health benefits of the posture involving all body parts.

Describing the venture as the first of its kind in the country, Dilip Sarda, president of IMA, Pune branch, told that at the end of 365 days the participating medicos, who include two who have undergone by-pass heart surgery, would be reassessed for health parameters to record the changes since they started doing the 'Surya-Namaskars'.


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